tag [1]

1. What do they call you in class?


2. Who is the most quiet in class?

-shafiq(madah senyum jew)

3. Which teacher always gets angry with you all ?

-zurita (ahahahha) setan. setan.

4. Who is always the earliest to reach school?

- aku pown tak tau..sebab aku smpi semua dah smpi.jadahnye

5. Who is always late to enter class ?

-akulah. huhuhuh

6. Who is the smartest?


7. Who always asleep in class?

- aku,put dan mok

8. Who is the leader of the class?

- haikal anak nadir

9. Which subject do you hate most?


10. What was the worst punishment in class?

- Perut pukul kat bontot. bisa beb rase..

11. What do you bring to class?

- beg yg berisi buku tulis sahaja..ahaah

12. What is the best subject?

- FIZIK! (fizik is so easy) huhu

13. What do you always do in class?

- Buat bising,nyanyi sehingga disuruh zurita masuk akedemi fantasia..setan sungguh

14.Have you ever get scoldings from yr teacher ?

-selalu huhu

15.whats your position in class fr most of the time?

-ahaha..no 1 kebelakang..ahah

16.Have you ever had become first in class?

- pernahlah..mase tadika dulu.. keh. keh. keh.

17.who do you sit with ?

- Putera anak Rahman

18.people around you ?

- Rakan sekepala

19.y0u want to tag..?


-yang terasa

- yang nak buat


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